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Disposable laparoscopic endo bag
Disposable laparoscopic endo bag
Product Description:

lt is a disposable device used as a receptacle for the collection and tissue specimens during laparoscopic surgery.

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I. Overview

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

Model Number:L/M/S

Properties:Abdominal Surgery Equipments


Product name:Disposable retrieval devices

Name:Endopouch,Endobag,Specimen retrieval bag

Usage:Surgical Room

Application:Endoscope Surgery

Feature:Minimally Invasive

Function:specimen retrieval

Size:L(10mm 250ml)/M(10mm 145ml)/S(5mm 50ml)


Color:Black White

Certificate:CE ISO13485 CFDA GMP FSC

II. Supply Ability

Supply Ability:2000 Piece/Pieces per Week

III. Packaging & Delivery

10 pcs/box

10 boxes/carton


N.W. 3.5kgs

G.W. 6.3kgs


Lead Time :with 7 working days

IV. Product Description

[lntended Use]

lt is a disposable device used as a receptacle for the collection and tissue specimens during laparoscopic surgery.

[Special Features]

1.Accessories are made of medical grade polymer materials meet with national standards, the specimen bag is made of advanced medical TPU thin film, flexible and transparent, not easy to damage, good vision;

2.Specimen bag is hidden in the front sleeve cleverly , it can get into the operation field through the trocar successfully, without pulling out the sheath during operation, high-quality stainless steel sheet opening device can expand specimen bag;

3.Excellent substitutes of traditional gloves, plastic bags and other self-made bags , easy to operate, save time and effort;

4.It contribute to remove various resected objects (malignant tumor, cyst, abscess resection, endometrium tissue,and so on) in laparoscopic , to prevent infection when disease tissue contact healthy tissue and inflammation which was induced by tumor plantation and tissue liquid penetration ;

5.The product has been sterilized with ethylene oxide, for single use only to prevent cross infection;

6.Various specifications and models, different volume bags for clinical choice.

[Ordering Information]

Ordering Code Specification Description Pcs/Box Boxes/Carton
HAS -L L 10mm 250ml 10 10
HAS-M M 10mm 145ml 10 10
HAS-S S 5mm 50ml 10 10

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