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Disposable suction irrigation
Disposable suction irrigation
Product Description:

Disposible Laparoscopic Suction,Irrigation System is designed for easy fluid removal as well as irrigation.

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I. Production description

Disposible Laparoscopic Suction

Irrigation System is designed for easy fluid removal as well as irrigation during endoscopic surgery

Approved CE AND ISO13485

Product name hot selling products laparoscopy instrumental tower laparoscope instrument
Function Medical Polymer Materials& Products
Certification CE, ISO13485
Properties Disposable suction irrigation instruments
Type liquid management in laparoscopic surgery
Model Number diameter of cannular 5/10mm, length of cannular 330/390/410mm
Material ABS + PE + stainless steel
II. Product advantages

1.Offers a choice of two handles(Pistol or Trumpet)

2.Lubricated,ensuring smooth button action.Differentiate the suction and irrigation button

3.Ergonomic handle for comfort

4.Large internal lumens to prevent blockages

5.Available with 5 or 10mm suction cannula

6.Soft co-joined,low torque tubing,with easy peel separation

III. Packaging:
Model Diameter of Cannula Length of Cannula Packing way Carton size
B 5mm 330mm 20pcs/carton 58*43*25cm


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