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Disposable curved cutter stapler and reloading unit
Disposable curved cutter stapler and reloading unit
Product Description:

Suitable for the digestive tract (stomach, intestine) cutter and suture operation

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I. Product Description

The disposable curved cutter stapler is an instrument capable of hitting four rows of stapler staples staggered in a curved line, as well as an instrument capable of cutting off tissue. It has good cutting and suturing abilities.

II. Scope of Application

It is applicable to mutilation, excision and suture in the operation of alimentary canal such as stomach and intestines.

III. External Structure

1. Anvil   2. Cartridge   3. Cartridge plywood   4. Retaining pin   5. Button   6.Fixed Handle   7.Closure Handle   8. Firing Handle   9.Knife   10.staple

IV. Contraindication

1. The tissue has inflammation, edema or tumor.

2. The tissue is so thick (two layers of gastrointestinal wall, when compressed, is estimated to be more than 2.5~3mm) that the stapler cannot penetrate it.

3. The tissue is so thin that putting in the stapler may tear it.

4. In principle, it is inappropriate for mechanical suturing again if the first one fails.

V. Notes

1. The instrument can only be operated by doctors who have received adequate training and get familiar with operation skills.

2. Be sure to check the sutured tissue for bleeding when the instrument is removed; if there is blood oozing, proper methods shall be adopted to stanch bleeding.

3. Please check the package carefully before use; it is prohibited to use if the package is damaged.

4. The product has been sterilized by ethylene oxide, and its validity period of sterilization is three years, so that please check whether the product is within the validity period. If the validity period expires, the product shall not be used.

5. The product is for single use only, so that it cannot be reused even with sterilization again.

VII. Manufacturer Contact Information

Manufacturer: Changzhou Haiers Medical Deveices

Address: No. 2188 Longcheng Rd, Zhonglou District, Changzhou City China

Tel: 0519-68860671

Fax: 0519-68881966

Zip Code: 213012

Type Suture length Staple Height (mm) Number of staples
HASHX-45 45 4.8 46
VI. Storage

The product shall be stored in a well-ventilated room where no corrosive gases exist and relative humidity is not more than 80%.

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